Dear countries and peoples outside of the United States of America,

I can’t sleep this evening.  I got a news alert that the impending Health bill vote will happen today in the U.S. congress. According to the New York Times, Donald Trump is demanding his fellow Republicans to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act or what’s also know as Obama Care.  He wants the vote done today or else?  In the article, estimates say that passing this bill would, “result in 24 million fewer Americans having health insurance in 2026 than under current law.” What a disgrace.

Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that Health Care should be managed by employers and not the government.  This sad belief has been a big reason why so many Americans go bankrupt.  People can’t afford the cost and the profit system has made going to the hospital un-affordable.  The scary part in the bill is the cuts to Medicaid.  Medicaid is a insurance program for low income people here in America.  Essentially, its a government insurance for the very poor.  My wife works for a program that is heavily dependent on the medicaid system.  If this legislation goes into affect, the cuts to medicaid will cause my wife to lose her job. That’s probably why I can’t sleep.

I wish I could make it so that if the House and the Senate and Trump should pass this law, then those 538 representatives and all federal employees and especially the ones in the White House should have their generous health care taken away as a cut to government spending as well.  Those fuckers just need to know what it feels like.  They have zero problem fucking over 24 million people with a pen because it doesn’t affect them in any way.  They are in the government and they can do whatever they want.  These fuckers would rather use our taxes to pay weapons manufacturers from Lockheed Martin and Halliburton billions of dollars for weapons that we don’t even need rather than to cover a poor sick child.  I wonder if any of your voters are starting to realize you fucked them over and they’ll be dropped from their health care coverage because you promised them “better health care.”  I think I need to puke now. Great job making American great again Don you fucking asshole.


A concerned United States citizen