Dear countries and peoples outside of the United States of America,

I am now a concerned United States citizen.  The politics of the United States government has gotten so bad recently that I am starting this blog to give a voice to a common person in the U.S. and not some hotshot with fake tits media personality.  My audience is intended to be for peoples outside of the United States of America.  If your an American, don’t bother reading this.  Move along.  Go troll someone else’s blog you piece of shit Trump voter!  I’m talking to the peoples of South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

I don’t want you all to think that Donald Trump represents all of our views.  He doesn’t. He just toys with many of their emotions.  Trump wants everyone in the U.S. to watch his current reality television show that is his presidency.  He’s an attention whore and plus, I really hate reality tv!  It’s a fucking genre that needs to die!  America created the format it and it’s embarrassing.  I am no longer watching television and neither should you.  #boycotttelevison    Americans are addicted to TV and prescription drugs.

If you’ve ever been told that most Americans are good people at heart,  they are talking about someone like me. I only really stay living in this country for two reasons.  The first reason is because I can’t afford to leave because I’m poor.  But the second reason is because we have law here and some other countries have it as well and some countries don’t have it.  It’s the best law America has.  As a matter of fact, it’s the first law we ever had under this current government structure.  It’s called Freedom of Speech.  I exercise this American right everyday and I take it for granted. Previous citizens of the U.S. died to ensure that I could live to say whatever I want.  This right is why the U.S. still is the greatest country in the world.  But this right is also what got Trump elected.

I am not a smart man.  I only speak English and I’m not very fluent in it. I lack a good education and I don’t write too good.  I could use an editor but I can’t afford one. But I can no longer remain silent and watch this current president destroy what I love about this country.  I’m letting you know that I was scared but now I have risen like a Phoenix bird from the ashes to fight with my words and to exercise my constitutional right.  I’m going to write this blog instead of getting fat and watching useless television programming.  I;m going to write this blog so you understand how someone in this new prison world is doing.  Trump is trying to insulate us with walls and restrictions.  You should boycott the United States.  The best why to hurt American and is hit them in their fucking wallet.

I was very upset at the way Trump treated the German Chancellor Angela Merkel while she was here visiting Trump.  It was disrespectful.  He disrespects every woman he encounters and I can’t stand him for it.  His mother raised him poorly or he treated her poorly.  She must have coddled him like a spoiled little rich brat or she didn’t breast feed him because she was too busy fucking the milkman. Donald Trump’s mother was a whore. Two can play at this dumb fucking game you started. #fakenews

Donald Trump makes us nasty as you can see from my paragraph above.  I was going to delete those last two sentence about his mother but I’ll leave it up so you can see how ive become a worse person since he became president.  I won’t apologize for calling his mother a whore but I did hear that from some news site somewhere on the internet.  I’m exercising my freedom of speech right.  Donald Trump wants the U.S. citizenry to be scared so he can institute sweeping law enforcement against dark skinned races because he’s scared of them.  I see through his lies and all I want him to know is just how much I fucking love the amendment that grants freedom of speech.  I will never threaten to to kill him or threaten to do bodily harm to him.  I’ll only threaten to love him.  But trying to love that man is so hard.  I don’t know how his family does it.

I’ve got to learn to love Donald Trump because he’s so weak and flawed. I’ve got to learn to love Donald Trump because he actually believes what he says which makes him stupid. I’ve got to learn to love Donald Trump because he so unpredictable. I’ve got to learn to love Donald Trump because he’s so strong at manipulating people. I’ve got to learn to love Donald Trump because he only cares about money. I’ve got to learn to love Donald Trump because he’s a compulsive liar. I’ve got to learn to love Donald Trump because he’s making me write which is something I wish I was better at.  With this blog, I’ll get the valuable experience I need and I hope the citizens of the world can watch my writing progress together.

Finally, I got to be optimist and hopeful.  When I was a child, I had to learn how to love ice cream.  It wasn’t hard to love ice cream.  That’s something that I truly do love.  I’ve got to learn to love Donald Trump because he will fail as the USA president and history will take note of this disaster and his legacy will be one of shame and weakness.  When that day comes, I can breathe a little easier and enjoy some ice cream again.  Thanks for reading. I’ll try to post my thoughts once a week.

Gute Nacht,

A concerned United States citizen