Dear countries and peoples outside of the United States of America,

Donald Trump got his presidency’s Benghazi story his first 100 days. Benghazi is the Russian hacks.  Its a story that won’t ever die and likely never will.  Why couldn’t he go just 6 months without this story.  I gotta hear about this bullshit for another 45 months.  Fuck me!

Nice job Don.  You like this job so far Don?  Are you having fun Don?  Not as easy as it looks huh Don?  Fuck you Don!

America just has to accept the fact that Russia won this battle.  Give Putin credit, he’s figured out a way to get back for the Cold War.  The man probably plotted for years and years and he infiltrated America using Psychological warfare.  The man used to be a spy.  I applaud your efforts Sir!  You won but you seem to be losing your people Vlad.  But I’m sure you’ll find a way to wiggle out of that problem.  Murder a few people and they’ll stop protesting I’m sure.

Former National Security Adviser Lt. General Michael Flynn is asking Congress for immunity for prosecution if he can testify without having to worry about a conviction.  This story reminds my of the class film The Usual Suspects.  Think about it, Michael Flynn probably isn’t as dumb as he appears on purpose.  He probably only needed the two weeks he was on the National Security Adviser job to get the information he needed anyway. What information you ask?  What Russian asked him for duh?

He’ll lie and lie to congress aids about what he knows and the liberal democrats will buy that bullshit because they are fucking stupid and then when Michael Flynn gets his immunity,  he’ll turn his ass into Keyser Soze and run.   I just hope Congress doesn’t interrogate him in an office with a crowded bulletin board.

I can’t even get mad anymore.  I just only occasionally tune into the latest episodes of the realty show Trump wants to project with this adventure into Politics.  I didn’t vote for him.  I wonder if people who voted for him can see how there vote set America back 10 years.  At this pint I want to have a economic depression.  I ain’t rich so i say lets have it.  I love watching rich folks go broke!


A concerned United States citizen